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Day After Tomorrow

Andrew Freedman @ 12:08 PM

Hi all, having served as a script consultant on the global climate change disaster flick "The Day After Tomorrow," I'll try and post regularly as the movie premiere gets closer.

Here's the bottom line: The film is a piece of fiction, based on the real theory of abrupt climate change. Thus, while it is Hollywood and far-fetched, there is an underlying scientific basis behind it which makes it a political football to be tossed between enviros and the Bush Administration. Here's an example of the politicization from a press release I received today:


As moviegoers flock to theaters Memorial Day weekend to catch this summer's anticipated Hollywood blockbuster, The Day After Tomorrow, is teaming up with former Vice President Al Gore and prominent climate scientists to encourage a national dialogue on what must be done to stop global warming.

On Tuesday, May 11, former Vice President Al Gore, Executive Director Peter Schurman, and Harvard climate scientist Dan Schrag will hold a tele-press conference to outline the upcoming campaign, the centerpiece of which is a massive grassroots effort to distribute flyers at hundreds of theaters across the country over the film's opening weekend (May 28 - June 1). Bush administration officials at NASA recently sent a warning to its scientists saying, "No one from NASA is to do interviews or otherwise comment on anything having to do with the film The Day After Tomorrow." They later retracted this command after a senior NASA scientist leaked the letter to the New York Times.

In addition to Tuesday's campaign kick-off and the national flyer distribution, other events include a May 24th town hall rally in New York City featuring Mr. Gore, Bobby Kennedy Jr., and experts in global warming science and policy.

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