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It's getting hot in here... and the week ahead

Jason Samenow @ 12:14 AM

For Reagan National Airport, as of yesterday the average May temperature was 2nd warmest on record:

1. 1991 73.0 degrees F.
2. 2004 71.2 degrees F.* (through 5/23)
3. 1944 70.8 degrees F.
4. 1880 70.5 degrees F.
5. 1953 70.1 degrees F.

We have a week to go, but it will not be heat up enough to surpass 1991.

The week will start off warm though...with temperatures near 90 for a high Monday through Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday, we'll have the slight risk of isolated thunderstorms (popcorn variety, sorry Andrew). For thunderstorm fans, Wednesday looks like the best chance for some action as a front approaches. We'll keep you posted.

Thursday and Friday look slightly cooler -- as the winds finally may shift around to more northerly - at least for a day.

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