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Long stretch of nice weather arrives...

Jason Samenow @ 11:01 PM

Yesterday was terrible, rainy--more like November than May. In reality though, a small price to pay for the weather that's coming...

This morning will be cool when you head the 40s most areas. But temperatures will recover nicely--well into 60s. Then temperatures will gradually get warmer throughout the week. High temperatures will rise through 70s Wednesday and Thursday. By Friday and the weekend, we should have temperatures into the 80s. The chances of rain are pretty slim throughout this period, but a shower can't be ruled out late Wednesday.

By the way, FOX-5 debut their new "Force5 StormTrak" Doppler radar Sunday night. It will be the day when procures its own Doppler. Of course, we will have to give it a name. Have any suggestions?

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