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Post #100... Review of "The Day After Tomorrow"

Jason Samenow @ 11:30 PM

From the outset, I should state I enjoy movies that are compelling and thought provoking. "The Day After Tomorrow" (hereafter TDAT) is neither. I'll grant that TDAT is an action flick (which shouldn't mean it can't be compelling or thought provoking), written and produced to entertain and to awe. But I wasn't captivated, and my jaw never dropped.

As readers of this Blog know, I was excited about this movie. I've had a life-long obsession with weather, and do climate change analysis for a living. So, of all people, I really should have enjoyed this film. But I left TDAT feeling empty. Admittedly, I had the same feeling after reading the script several months ago. But I expected that the actors, the photography and special effects would give the film some substance and life. That was a bad forecast.

Loosely woven with contrived storylines, the movie's plot is weak. Surprisingly, I found myself looking at my watch, and wanting the movie to Move-on at certain times. The special effects are fine, even impressive, but with all the special effects we're seeing in various media today, I say 'so what?'... In fairness, the movie has some enjoyable, entertaining and comedic moments.

Many scientists bemoan the fact the science is nonsense, and conservatives bemoan the movie's political agenda (while liberals embrace it). Forget the science and politics, I bemoan the fact the movie is so superficial and unremarkable. Climate change is an issue rich with interesting characters and fascinating political, social, economic and scientific dimensions. I truly believe the plot, the action and the substance of the movie could have been appreciably better without compromising any of the movie's ticket selling appeal. After all the anticipation, all the hype, "The Day After Tomorrow" storm just blows over...

(For what it's worth, I actually enjoyed NBC's recent earthquake disaster mini-series "10.5" more. A sad commentary...)

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