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Summer arrives early and the week ahead...

Jason Samenow @ 9:42 PM

A summerlike pattern has set in and is here to stay for the coming week. Temperatures should be at least 10 degrees above normal each day as a Bermuda high gets established and pumps up warm air.

The forecast is basically the same each day for the next 4-6: partly sunny, warm and humid with highs between 85-90, and lows between 65-70. With the warm, humid airmass in place -- there will be about a 20-30% chance of isolated storms each day. In other words, a decent chance a storm will affect where you live one afternoon or evening this week. Keep watching the radar (remember to reload the page to refresh the radar), and I'll try to update if any severe weather is around.

In the news of TV weather, the Washington Times reports popular Fox 5 Weathercaster Steve Rudin is calling it quits. In my opinion, Rudin was pretty good. His enthusiasm will be missed. But onward and upward for him.

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