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Muggy week ahead...

Jason Samenow @ 11:33 PM

Say goodbye to low humidity and comfortable temperatures in the 70s. Welcome warm, moist tropical air and a stalled out front that (coupled with some waves along it) will act as a triggering mechanism for afternoon showers and storms almost every day this week. As the atmosphere will be unstable, the Storm Prediction Center has forecasted a slight risk of severe storms both today and Tuesday for our region. The storms that develop this week will probably drop quite a bit of rain, and have the potential to produce some strong winds. The storms will be somewhat isolated, with about a 30-40% likelihood each afternoon/evening. (Late in the week, the stalled front may get pushed out by another front, providing some relief by the weekend...but confidence in the timing of these fronts is low)

Also, some moisture from a tropical wave currently in the Gulf of Mexico may add some juice to storms that form mid to late week. The Tropical Prediction Center is monitoring the wave, likely to move ashore near New Orleans, Louisiana, where Broadcast Meteorologists are congregating for their Annual Meeting. I'll will be there (giving an EPA presentation) and if anything interesting is happening, I'll post. Meanwhile, I'm counting on the rest of the talented CapitalWeather team to keep folks apprised of any interesting weather happenings in DC...

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