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Stormy times for suburbs

Andrew Freedman @ 9:36 PM

Thunderstorms parked themselves over the nearby northern suburbs Tuesday, a day after severe thunderstorms ripped across the Pa./Md. border, prompting a tornado warning and flooding problems.

D.C. has missed out on all the action thus far, with warm and humid weather giving way to scattered afternoon clouds and an evening rainshower on Tuesday. That shower was originally a powerful thunderstorm over Montgomery and Fairfax Counties which lasted for several hours during the late afternoon, ruining many afternoon activities in those areas but allowing softball to be played on the National Mall.

On this radar image you can see how the storms formed on an East/West line Monday, bypassing D.C.. From this radar snapshot one would think D.C. was about to be hit hard, but alas, that cell over Fairfax County died a horrible death, choosing to rain itself out over the nation's capitol without a rumble of thunder.

More scattered thunderstorms are likely each day this week, right through the weekend, with temperatures in the 80s.

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