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This week and President Reagan

Jason Samenow @ 11:28 PM

This week the humidity, temperatures and rain chances should creep up a little about each day until Thursday. Today will be mostly sunny and near 84, with about a 15% chance of shower or storm late. Tuesday, will be partly sunny and near 88, with about a 25% of a late day storm. On Wednesday, temps will approach 90 with about a 35% chance of storms. The best chance of storms (50%) will be on Thursday, with highs once again near 90. On Friday, for President Reagan's Day of Mourning, it should be a bit cooler and drier, with temperatures from 80-85. Of course, this forecast could change (see last Friday/Saturday, for example)... So keep checking back.

CapitalWeather offers its respect and condolences to President Reagan, his admirers, and family. DC weather buffs will recall the role weather played in Reagan's second inauguration. In 1985 President Reagan's second swearing-in ceremony (on January 21) was forced indoors and the parade was canceled. The outside temperature at noon was only 7 degrees F. The morning low was 4 degrees below zero and the daytime high was only 17 degrees. Wind chill temperatures during the afternoon were in the -10 to -20 degree range. For more, see this Weatherwise article.

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