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Jason Samenow @ 11:43 PM

Increasing humidity and rain chances begin Friday and last through the Independence Day weekend. But don't cancel your outdoor plans on account of forecasts for afternoon/evening thunderstorms. These storms will be of the hit or miss variety and will not be long lasting. Do have a backup plan, though, should storms approach wherever you happen to be.

Right now, on Friday it looks like a warm front will move just to our north, putting us in the sticky air and acting as a potential trigger for storms. On Saturday, an approaching upper level wave (and surface cold front) may help fire up some more storms, particularly to our west. Sunday may bring the best chance of storms as the cold front approaches. Temperatures Friday through Sunday should be in the mid to high 80s. Tomorrow, I'll fine tune this outlook.

For the weather nerds and professional meteorologists who visit this site and understand weather forecasting models, you may find this site quite useful. It has a routine that allows you to quickly checkout the various forecasting models from a number of sites and generate loops. Good stuff.

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