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Weekend outlook and other ramblings...

Jason Samenow @ 11:28 PM

Before I discuss the weekend, I should mention that today will be mostly sunny with average humidity and temperatures -- a nice, typical summer day with highs around 85.

Friday looks like the worst day of the next five or so, with thunderstorms likely in the afternoon. The Storm Prediction Center forecasts a slight risk for severe storms. The setup is almost exactly the same as Tuesday's -- so heavy rains and some strong winds are a good bet -- but nothing extraordinary.

The front triggering the storms on Friday will be slow to move out -- but still I think we should see a decent Saturday. It may be overcast early in the morning, but look for gradual clearing as we go through the day.

Sunday looks like the best day... low humidity and comfortable temperatures--highs near 80. That's three outstanding Sundays in a row if you're keeping track at home. Might be a good day to check out The Old Dominion Beer Festival in Sterling.

Last but not least, I mentioned that I was in New Orleans for the Broadcast Meteorology Meeting last week. It was fun hanging out and chatting it up with the TV weather guys (and gals). I also learned a few things at a severe thunderstorm forecasting workshop I attended. And I got some press for the work I was doing for EPA at the conference. See this New Orleans Times-Picayune article, and you'll see me mentioned about midway through the column.

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