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Comments are back, and so is the fun

Jamie Jones @ 11:24 AM

server aliens
Server Aliens

Hey everyone, hope this wonderful Tuesday is finding everyone working hard. Wanted to announce that the comments are now back on the posts so you can go ahead and comment to your heart is content on Jason's use of penguins in his posts. From time to time the server that hosts our comments for us will go down either for maintenance, failure, or alien attack, and it will drastically cripple the load time and function of our pages, so it is best just to remove them all together until they can make their server safe for your wonderful comments once again.

I have also adjusted the font size so hopefully it will be a bit more readable in most browsers. If you have any suggestions, just drop me an email, (unless it relates to either FREE Home Mortgages or a chance to make millions by helping your friend the Nigerian prince move some money to his Sweedish account). Also, in the next few weeks you should also be seeing some changes to the look and services of CapitalWeather, mostly for the better. Hope yall enjoy it. And as always, if anything is broken, it is probably Jason's fault.

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