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Not as humid Tuesday...

Josh Larson @ 2:04 PM

Temperatures are a few degrees cooler today than they were Monday, but the big story is a brief reprieve from yesterday's very high humditity levels. Monday, southerly and southwesterly winds brought truly tropical dewpoints from the upper 60's to mid 70's, and that, combined with temperatures at or above 90 degrees, made for heat indices approaching 100 degrees.

What a difference a shift in the winds makes, though: 24-hour temperature change. Temperatures are for the most part in the mid to upper 80's today, but northerly and northwesterly winds are bringing in appreciably less-humid air, so dewpoints today are much more comfortable and in the low to mid 60's. In addition, there is much more of a (refreshing) breeze today than yesterday.

While Monday was opressively hot and humid, Tuesday is seasonably warm. However, it looks as though dewpoints will creep up once again over the next 24 hours, and one possible result of this increasing humidity is the chance for scattered thunderstorms during the day Wednesday. It will be a few degrees warmer on Wednesday, too, with highs likely at or slightly above 90. Stay tuned...

UPDATE: Widely scattered showers and thunderstorms have developed over the western suburbs. I looks like they will remain west of the city, though Loudon, Faulkier, Prince William, and Fairfax counties may see precipitation through early evening.

In response to reader's comments, for a quick fix, here is a HEAT INDEX CALCULATOR.

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