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Reflecting on the weekend and previewing the week ahead...

Jason Samenow @ 12:13 AM

flood watch?
Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. I'm sure the weather on Sunday was a pleasant surprise for most as the torrents of rain predicted by most forecasters never materialized. Sunday afternoon and evening turned out to be very pleasant.

The weather in the week upcoming will resemble weather of past weeks this summer. Some rain-free days and some days offering the chance of afternoon storms. Generally humid throughout.

Today, some storms may develop along a weak frontal boundary stalled over the area --chances are marginal (30%). Temps in the mid 80s.

Tuesday, a new frontal boundary comes through, providing another slight chance of afternoon storms (35%). Temps 85-89.

Wednesday and Thursday should be mostly dry, with temps 85-89.

On Friday, a relatively strong front may fire up some storms. Timing and intensity a bit uncertain...but I'll refine this letter in the week.

Finally, for the weather media hounds, reports Channel 9 (WUSA) was the first local station to break-in with live coverage when the tornado warning was issued for Quantico last Wednesday (7/14). Channel 7 (WJLA) followed, then Channel 4 (WRC) broke in, with Channel 5 (WTTG) pulling up the rear.

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