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Thunder in the blogosphere

Jason Samenow @ 11:20 PM

Typically before I post, I comb the net to try and find something to blog about--preferably weather related. No luck this time. The Democratic Convention is stealing all the thunder -- although it's good to see bloggers getting a piece of the action.

We may have thunder of our own later today. The real kind. Expect a generally rainy morning as a warm front crosses the area. Then later in the afternoon, as the atmosphere destabilizes a bit (a la Al Gore or Howard Dean), showers are likely with a thunderstorm possible ahead of a cold front. Temps will max out in the high 70s if it stays cloudy, or 80-84 if the sun peaks out.

The Wed-Fri forecast looks pretty much as described yesterday. The sun, heat and humidity do look to make a return later in the week.

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