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Weather to 'wine' about

Jason Samenow @ 11:38 PM

grape vineThe next time the weather drives you to drink, you may want to think twice before uncorking a 2003 chardonnay or cabernet. The Washington Post reports area weather conditions contributed to an unusually poor vintage. The copious amounts of precipitation in '03 waterlogged the vines at local wineries -- putting a large dent in the quality and quantity of grapes.

If you happened to be at the Maryland/Delaware beaches this past weekend, you may well have been inside drinking given the cool/damp conditions outdoors. But around here, it was pleasant even if we didn't have much in the way of sunshine. Sunday's high at Reagan of 74 was 15 degrees below average. I say better 15 degrees below average than 15 degrees above average.

We'll start off this week below average, with another cool day today. Some showers may also move in late. Temps in the 70s.

Tuesday looks like the worst day of the week. Even though it will be a bit warmer as wind shift more to the southeast, the atmosphere will become even more moist and unstable meaning showers and storms are a good bet.

Right now, it looks like we'll see some slow clearing on Wednesday and a return to sunshine and more summerlike temperature for Thursday and Friday -- with temps well into the 80s.

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