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CapitalWeather... again

Jamie Jones @ 11:22 AM

Whether you are finding us for the first time or have been with us from the start, I would like to welcome everyone to the REVAMPED CapitalWeather. Over the past three months we have been slowly working behind the scenes to bring a new look and increased functionality to CapitalWeather. We have redesigned the homepage and, with the help of the National Weather Service's products, brought a custom forecast and local conditions right to your doorstep. Because when you are planning when to go out and explore the MALL or trying to decide if you will need your umbrella for work you need the information that matters to you quickly.

We have updated many of the content pages that you can find along the right navigation bar in order to continue to be the most complete location for weather links concerning the Washington area on the web. We have added information, as well as made it easier to find what we feel is most useful by highlighting these links in boxes such as this:

NBC Olympic programming schedule: Because you need to know when you can find the semi-finals of women's doubles table tennis.

Also, it is easier to find the various contests that we are running, as we have created an entire page to keep track of them all. We have added a Features section to allow easy access to any special content we provide (and we have much in mind).

In the upcoming months, you can expect to continue to see changes concerning the site, added content, and exciting and informative features. But more importantly, you can expect to find the best weather coverage and its affect on your life.

Now I am off to enjoy this beautiful day (and the lack of District Sales Tax). See you back here soon. And as always, if there are any questions with the site, you can always post a comment or drop me a line at jjones AT

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