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The doldrums of August?

Josh Larson @ 11:00 PM

Jet stream image After the recent flurry of meteorological activity regarding the impacts (or non-impacts?) of the remnants of tropical cyclones Bonnie and Charley, weather in the Nation's capital will conspicuously return to staid/"normal" over the next week or so. In fact, dare I say that weather may even be somewhat boring?

The jet stream pattern aloft over the next week looks to be pretty stagnant. We're likely to see a trough over central Canada and the Great Lakes area, and relatively zonal, or "flat" flow to the south of the trough. That means that air aloft over the DC metro area will be coming from the west or southwest, bringing temperatures very close to normal, with typical August humidity, and the equally typical pop-up thunderstorms.

It's not an oversimplification to paint weather through the start of next week with a broad brush: We will be seeing highs during this period in the 82-86 degree range, with overnight lows generally in the 66-72 degree range. Expect at least a slight chance of hit and miss showers and thunderstorms each day, though most days will largely be dry (though they may feel sticky). Most days will feature partly to mostly sunny skies, with partly cloudy nights. No significant severe weather outbreaks are expected during this time period.

In the tropical frenzy following Bonnie and Charley, the meteorological community jumped to Danielle and Earl...but Danielle will curve out to sea, posing no problems to any land areas, and Earl has completely fizzled, destined, indeed, to a short and only briefly interesting life.

Boring weather? Perhaps for some, though I'm of the persuasion that weather never truly is boring boring. But this more "normal" weather may give the meteorological community, and we here at, a brief respite from last week's excitement.

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