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A few words on the forecast, and a couple notable sites

Jason Samenow @ 7:34 AM

Josh nails the forecast for today in his post from yesterday: on the warm side with highs in the upper 80s and a touch of humidity. Tomorrow, a cold front slips through the backdoor which will drop temps a few degrees and shift the winds from southerly to easterly. The easterly flow will persist through Friday, which will hold down the chances of any rain. Generally speaking, a great week weatherwise. Right now, the weekend doesn't look bad (don't be too discouraged by the storm icons above), although the chance of afternoon or evening storms may return. More details on the weekend as the week progresses...

The blog world keeps growing, and there are a couple new notable sites to mention:

The Smog Blog, run by the University of Maryland-Baltimore, features daily updates on air quality across the country and provides a great set of links for obtaining air quality information and forecasts.

DCist, the sister site of Gothamist New York, provides the latest on DC happenings -- news and events, restaurants and bars, etc. A well-designed and informative site which you will hear about if it's anywhere close to as successful as its New York counterpart, which has a cult-like following.

Both sites have been added to our Recommended Sites page (which has been fixed for those that were having trouble with it yesterday).

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