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Richmond's great flood

Jason Samenow @ 1:34 AM

(Lots of in-depth analysis on Hurricane Frances in the two posts below.)

Gaston remnantsLike all the other tropical systems to move through the Mid-Atlantic this season, the remnants of Gaston just grazed DC. Nonetheless, it pounded the Richmond area with phenomenal amounts of rain -- 10-15" in areas, and some tornadoes. Around 100,000 people are without power, but the flooding was the worst part of the storm. Businesses were destroyed, a part of I-95 was shutdown in both directions, cars were abandoned and swept away in areas, and more... See this Richmond Times Dispatch story for details.

The impressive part about Gaston was how well he maintained his structure and low level circulation over land. On the satellite image above, notice the symmetry and healthy outflow in the cyclone and recognize he had been over land for more than a day. The storm would make for a good case study. If I were only back in grad school...

Here in DC, nice weather for the next several days... Highs in the low 80s with comfortable humidity.

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