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The tropics and our weekend...

Jason Samenow @ 11:27 PM

I'm very closely watching Tropical Storms Bonnie (top left) and Charley (top right) -- whose remnants are forecasted to be in our vicinity Friday and Sunday, respectively. Of course, forecasting the tracks of tropical systems is an inexact science. Nonetheless, chances are pretty good at least one of these systems will affect our weather in the coming days. So my confidence about nice weekend weather is eroding but I'd caution it's too early to think about canceling weekend plans. Check back tomorrow when I'll have a general idea about what to expect and when...

Of the two storms, Charlie (centered in the Carribean headed towards Jamaica) has more potential to become a dangerous hurricane. He has nice structure and outflow and will probably be a hurricane soon, if he isn't already by the time you're reading this. Bonnie (in the Gulf of Mexico) looked ragged yesterday, but there's some indication she may be starting to intensify again. Both storms would be only a shadow of their original selves if/when they influence our area.

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