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The week ahead and hurricane names...

Jason Samenow @ 6:32 AM

After a spectacular weekend, time to go back to work. Just in time, the humidity kicks back in and we return to more of a summer pattern. So we won't feel quite as bad sitting in the office with the A/C blasting...

Monday and Friday will serve as calm bookends to the more unsettled middle part of the week, when you'll want to have an umbrella close-by. Expect partly cloudy skies today with highs in the mid 80s--you'll just notice a touch of humidity returning. Tuesday will be warm and humid (in the high 80s), with storms possible overnight. It will remain humid on Wednesday with a slight chance of storms (in the mid 80s). Thursday brings the best chance of rain/storms. Right now, not unlike last week, it appears it will clear out next Friday setting the stage for another great weekend.

I'm keeping an eye on what was formerly Tropical Depression #2. Last week, forecasters incorrectly predicted it would develop into a tropical storm or hurricane and go harmlessly out into the northern Atlantic. Instead, it dissipated and its remnants were carried by the tradewinds across the tropical Atlantic and Caribbean into the southern Gulf of Mexico. Today, it's looking much better organized and may reform. It will need to be carefully watched.

Should it become a tropical storm, its (or should I say her) name will be "Bonnie". An apt name given the song "My Bonnie lies over the ocean..." So how do storms get their names and what do people think about them? See this entertaining story in today's Washington Post. I particularly enjoyed this anecdote about a woman who wrote into the Hurricane Center:
Someone named Debby writes: "I am VERY ANGRY that a malicious storm has been given my name." Instead she suggests they use nonsense names: Hurricane Doola or Diddly or Dingbat or Duffo or Eeek. "This business of using human names MUST END!" she writes.
Personally, I'd like to see "Hurricane Jason"...

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