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Weekend ramblings

Jason Samenow @ 12:42 AM

Yesterday I mentioned there would be a "decent" chance of rain late Sunday afternoon or evening. I'll retract that and now say just a "slight" chance of rain Sunday (and a very slight chance Saturday late day/early evening). Both days will be warm and muggy, but not oppressive. All in all, good beach days and good days for going to the Maryland State Fair.

A new tropical depression formed yesterday right off the coast of South Carolina. It will likely become Tropical Storm Gaston and make landfall near Wilmington, NC late in the weekend. He'll likely be a weak storm, so the wind won't be a huge factor. However, because he's projected to move slowly, he may drop a decent amount of rain in the NC coastal plain. And some of Gaston's moisture may affect our weather Monday afternoon or night.

Of course, Hurricane Frances continues to churn and intensify in the Atlantic. She's now a Category 3 storm and the Tropical Prediction Center indicated it is likely to obtain Category 4 status or possibly higher over the next several days. The uncertainty about if and when she would affect the U.S. remains, but the East Coast needs to (and will) watch this storm very carefully.

Alas, while we talk about muggy summer days and tropical storms, winter isn't that far away. Literally. Snow drifts up to two feet closed roads in Rocky National Park yesterday and covered the lifts at Steamboat Springs ski resort. The high in Denver was only 55. Get ready to dust off those skis.

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