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Welcome Washington Post Readers

Jason Samenow @ 11:00 PM

Washington Post articleToday, was fortunate enough to be featured in an article on the front page of the Washington Post's Style section. If that's how you found us, on behalf of the entire team, welcome.

We've set out to provide the most useful and entertaining weather coverage for the greater Washington, DC area available anywhere.

The site was launched in January, 2003 as a basic DC Weather portal. With the help of Jamie Jones, our web developer, was transformed into the internet's first professional weather-related Blog (web log) in February, 2004. You can view our first post which will tell you a lot (maybe too much) about who we are and what we offer.

Now that you're here, explore around. You'll see we've got a nice set of useful DC weather links, forecasting contests in the works, features and more. But the heart of the site is this blog. It's here where we tell you how the weather may affect your life. But effective communication runs two ways. Use the comment feature and provide local storm reports, offer suggestions, give us links to interesting articles and ask questions.

Whether you're just looking for the forecast (top of the page) or seeking an in-depth analysis of yesterday's storm (see the previous post from Josh), we hope you enjoy and keep visiting.

Finally, I'd like to re-write the end of the Post article. It concludes:
In the meantime, the bloggers hope to avoid the one question they seem to hear more than any other.

"I'm sick of getting, 'Can you change the forecast?' " Larson says.

"Yeah," Samenow says. "People always ask me to serve up a nice, sunny, 75-degree day for tomorrow."

So, out of curiosity, any chance of that happening? "No," he says, happily, looking forward to a storm.
Let's change that to a 'yes', and I'll "happily" take credit for the "nice, sunny" (or at least partly sunny) weather today and tomorrow...

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