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"Com Sonar: Crazy Ivan"

Andrew Freedman @ 4:44 PM

It's official, Ivan produced numerous tornadoes in a widespread outbreak through the western portion of the D.C. metro area yesterday. National Weather Service damage assessment teams spent the day touring the damage, and concluded that a tornado in Remington, Va., was rated an F3, with winds of between 158 TO 206 MPH. Note that is higher than the sustained wind Hurricane Ivan was maintaining (130 mph) when he roared ashore.

Another tornado of note touched down in Loudon County, coming close enough to Dulles airport to cause officials to evacuate the tower. At the NWS office in Sterling, professional weather geeks were herded into a safe room. I wonder how many of them tried to run outside to see the action instead... I bet many wanted to at least, but they know better than that. That tornado has been rated an F2, with winds between 113 and 157 mph.

More survey data is expected back in the next few days. Click here to see the results of Saturday's survey.

Thankfully for many of us the weather pattern now shifts into low gear, with sunny, crisp and dry fallish conditions expected throughout the week. Of course, we'll continue to track Jeanne as she meanders near the Bahamas. Also, write in and share your Friday night storm experiences. I was stuck in a bar and missed much of the action, so I need to live vicariously through you.

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