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For Floridians, no cheering up 'sleepy' Jeanne...

Jason Samenow @ 12:27 AM

Hurricane JeanneLate last week, a reader asked me where I thought Hurricane Jeanne was going. I said probably Florida due to the huge ridge of high pressure establishing itself over the eastern part of North America. I thought it would catch Jeanne and steer her westward. But that took a bit longer than expected and she drifted northeastward into no man's land (where even if Jeanne didn't go to sleep, certain forecasters did). That was until last night when she began turning southwestward.

Now all the models steer her westward towards Florida. (Follow her motion on this satellite loop.) And she's expected to strengthen a bit as she moves over warmer water and upper level winds relax. Bad, bad news. We'll have much more on Jeanne in future posts including landfall forecasts and her effects on DC, if any.

As far as DC Weather goes, it's been uneventful. And uneventful equals nice. Should continue that way at least through the weekend. Here's a piece of trivia I never would've come up with, but that is interesting (Thanks to WEATHER53 at for this nugget): While it felt dry and comfortable yesterday (on the last official day of summer), it was, statistically speaking, the most unusually warm day of the summer. The high was 86, whereas the average was 77. No other day the entire summer had been more than 8 degrees above average.

Finally, in case you hadn't noticed, we've got a new site banner. It was designed by Eric Shansby, who is an award winning cartoonist and illustrator. While only a sophomore at Yale, he's been illustrating Gene Weingarten's column in the Washington Post magazine for over a year. We're thrilled and grateful that he lent his considerable talents to spruce up our page...

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