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Highs of 61, and baseballs falling from the sky

Jamie Jones @ 10:06 AM

CapitalWeather would like to join the list [Current News] of people welcoming the EXPOS to Washington DC. And with that, in only a way that CapitalWeather can, would like to go on record with our first opening day forecast for 2005 (but expect it to possibly be slightly adjusted over the next 7 months)!

**Note: This forecast is only valid assuming the season starts next year on April 1st and the DCer's open with a home game. If not, all bets are off (and the better question is why did you take the webmaster's weather bet anyway??)

You can expect a slightly cold morning, warm afternoon, a small chance of snow and a great chance of clear skies. With highs in the mid 60s and a low around 40, it should be a great day for baseball.

Though in all truthfulness, here is the climatology for DC on April 1st:
Looking at averages for Washington, we see April 1st lends itself to an average high of 61 and average low of 42. But in 1978, April 1st brought the DC area a high of 88 (I swear that is hotter than it was all this summer), and in 1924 DC saw almost 6 inches of snow on opening day. The record low for the date is 15 degrees, and DC has not seen any MAJOR rain producing storms on that date.

In the past 5 years we have seen highs of 68,49,61,63, and 49 degrees last year.

And just for history's sake:

April 6th, 1970. Opening Day at RFK stadium, the last year of the Washington Senators.

5-0 Loss to the Detroit Tigers [Box Score]
The temperature reached a balmy 46 degrees that afternoon, so a great day for cold, cold baseball. [Weather Information]

Well, at least from a weather point of view, it will be great to have baseball back in DC.

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