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Hurricane Deja Vu? Jeane strikes same spot as Frances

Jason Samenow @ 12:10 AM

Hurricane Jeane, with maximum sustained winds of 120mph (Category 3), made landfall near Sewalls Point (80.2W, 27.2N) exactly three weeks to the day (minus one hour) after Hurricane Frances made landfall at the exact same location. It is remarkable and frankly, eery.

The image below captures the radar images of the respective storms as they make landfall. The eyes of both storm are approximately the same size with the northern and southern eyewalls bordering Ft. Pierce and West Palm Beach. I saw satellite images of the two storms superimposed on one another on TV and the structure and size of the storms is uncannily similar.
Frances/Jeanne comparison

The major differences between the two storms are forward speed and intensity. Jeanne is a stronger storm with a more well-defined eye, greater rainfall coverage (some dry air cut down on the convection in the southwest quadrant of Frances) and more intense winds. Frances was a slower mover which allowed him to produce more rain than Jeanne likely will.

Listening to initial media reports, all indications are that the damage from Jeanne will be worse than Frances due to the stronger winds. As with Frances, count on the Palm Beach Post to provide top notch coverage of the storm. And WxNation's log always provides great links for breaking weather news/coverage.

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[Note: forecasted the approximate time of landfall, location and intensity of the hurricane 48 hours in advance-- "12:05am Friday--My sense is that this storm will make landfall in Florida, somewhere near West Palm Beach (a la Frances and perhaps as strong or stronger) Saturday night/Sunday morning and move northward over the Florida peninsula)"]

Tomorrow evening I'll provide more on the possible impact of Jeanne in the DC area. I still think the storm will pass to the east, meaning we would not bear the brunt of the remnants. But some model forecasts suggest significant rain could fall in the area. More later...

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