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Ivan: He's BAACK...

Jason Samenow @ 12:09 AM

Ivan reminds me of Freddy Kreuger from the horror flick series A Nightmare on Elm Street (or Jason from Friday the 13th for that matter). At the end of each movie, he dies. Usually, all that's left of him is a pile of ash or piece of bone. Yet somehow, the movie's production company concocts a way to bring him back for a sequel. It's almost like this is what the Tropical Prediction Center is doing with Ivan.

In the meteorology community, a heated debate has ensued over whether the weak tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico is, in fact, (part/remnants of the old Ivan). Even within the Tropical Prediction Center, it's a contentious issue (thanks to Nick for posting this in yesterday's comments):
After considerable and sometimes animated in-house discussion of the demise of the midst of a low-pressure and surface frontal system over the eastern United States...the National Hurricane Center has decided to call the tropical cyclone now over the Gulf of Mexico Tropical Depression Ivan....
I would've renamed the storm, but it's not worth wasting anymore type characters on. The good news is that Ivan is weak, and doesn't have much time to strengthen before making landfall in east Texas. He looks unimpressive on satellite, but will likely drop some heavy rains.

Back in the days when Ivan was a 'real' storm, he caused remarkable damage and literally transformed barrier islands in Alabama and Florida. Checkout these before and after photos posted on the U.S. Geological Survey website. Also, see these damage photos from Pensacola Island at This site also provides incredible video (requires Windows Media player) of Hurricane Charley ripping a gas station apart as the eyewall moves through (location: Charlottes Harbor, Florida).

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