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Ivan intensifying, approaching land

Jamie Jones @ 3:59 PM

As Ivan is making its final surges and wobbles and is deciding exactly where it would like to bring the brunt of its distraction on the Gulf Coast, here are some links to follow it online (if you can't get enough of it on the major news networks).

Wind Field: A good map to show the winds and how they are impacting the shore line.

National Buoy Data Center: buoy information from the gulf. It lists the distance from the storm of the buoy, as well as the wind speed, gusts, and the wave height.

Wave Heights: This nice color coded map shows the current wave heights surrounding the storm.

Infared Satellite Loop: Infared satellite on Ivan. NOTE: The more reds you see, the stronger the storm.

Gulf Coast Doppler Radar: Here is a large view radar showing much of the southeast, so you can follow Ivan along its journey up the east, than whether it stops and where it goes from there.

WPMI: Mobile, Al: Watch the local TV affiliate online as Ivan makes his final push onshore. This is the direct link to the windows media broadcast

And a few more points before I leave:

  • The National Hurricane Center believes the storm will make landfall before 2 am tomorrow, so we are on the final run here.
  • Currently tropical storm force winds are beginning to impact the gulf coast shoreline.
  • Large waves and storm surge are also starting to impact the gulf coast.
  • While packing winds of 135 mph, it has a chance to strengthen before it comes ashore tomorrow morning, though I do not think we will see any significant weakening.

If I find anything else this evening of importance, I will post them here:

7 pm
Jeanne Forecast Track from NHC

Also, just to relate this a little bit more to our weather here in Washington, here is the latest forecast track for Jeanne. Looks a little bit closer to us. Just what we need, another hurricane!

8 pm

Real Time Conditions: These conditions come from a car mounted observation unit in Gulf Shores, Ala. The webcam is currently off (it is night time) but the conditions update every minute. Will be good to watch as the storm approaches


Ron Reagan is reporting live from Florida for MSNBC. As much as I love pseudo-political figures doubling as Weather Correspondents, I have to go a no-vote on this one. I am sure they could have found someone with a bit more weather knowledge or know-how to be down there.

Staying with MSNBC, Kerry Sanders is reporting from a hurricane proof house in the gulf off of Pensacola Beach in a supposed "Hurricane Proof" House. Will be interesting to see how it handles the 39 foot waves being shown by the link above. You really need to at least check out one of his reports tonight, they are crazy

Overall, MSNBC is providing interesting coverage right now, if not neccessarily good.

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