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The Labor of Frances, and Ivan...

Jason Samenow @ 12:02 AM

Happy Labor Day. Today will be just OK -- we've got easterly flow in over us which will keep things a bit damp. Expect more clouds than sun and the possibility of a few light showers or sprinkles, especially in the afternoon. A day kind of like yesterday -- with highs 77-80.

On to the tropics...

In light of the fact it's Labor Day, it's ironic that Floridians must now take stock of the destructive work of nature. Labor Day recognizes the contributions that American workers make to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. But a hurricane like Frances, works in the opposite sense when it damages property, economies and takes lives. Fortunately, Americans have shown they bounce back from such destruction, but it takes time and work. And on this Labor Day, our thoughts are with all those who must begin to pick up the pieces.

A few briefs on Frances:
  • She's dropped copious amounts of rain over Florida (over a foot in some areas)
  • Her winds blew down hundreds of trees and knocked out power to millions
  • She caused quite a bit of minor structural damage; but, fortunately, not a lot of major structural damage
  • She's now over the northeast Gulf of Mexico and will wash ashore on the panhandle of Florida late tonight. The Gulf may juice her up a bit, but probably not enough to change her strength significantly.
  • There remains a bit of uncertainty about where she goes after crossing the Florida panhandle. Model and storm motion trends indicate her remnants may go further east than previously forecast. This means a greater (but not necessarily great) probability of heavy rain for DC mid week. I may have been right to imply the storm could have more than a "minimal" effect on our area. Stay tuned.

The MyWeatherGuide Blog and WxNation Blog have much more information and links to good coverage on Frances.

Finally, there's Hurricane Ivan. In one day, he strengthened from being a Tropical Storm to a Category 4 Hurricane. That's explosive. Ivan may be a(nother) big deal. More to come...

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