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'Look all around, there's nothin' but blue skies...'

Jason Samenow @ 12:04 AM

You can quote a Johnny Nash song...

Recite any of the usual phrases rehashed by weathermen...
"Picture perfect azure blue skies", "Brilliant sunshine", "Abundant sunshine",
"Beautiful sunshine", "Crystal clear blue skies", etc.

or write an original Haiku...
Rays of golden sun
Fill the equinoctial sky
The end of summer
Anyway you slice it, it's a fine sunny day. (In honor of the gorgeous weather, we are accepting your Haiku submissions in the comment section. Don't be shy.)

And there's no better time to enter our winter forecast contest. Predict the season's total snowfall better than the competition and win a top of the line "all hazards" weather radio.

Speaking of hazards, there are some tropical systems in the Atlantic to talk about. Jeanne continues wandering aimlessly east of the Bahamas -- probably not a threat to the U.S. mainland. Hurricane Karl's way out in the Atlantic -- never was a threat to the U.S. and never will be. Then there's Tropical Storm Lisa to Karl's south and east, which we'll have to watch as she approaches the Lesser Antilles.

Of course, if Lisa ever threatens, be sure to remember these hurricane safety tips courtesy of the Onion.

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