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Chilly, cloudy afternoon

Jason Samenow @ 10:04 AM

The rain is over, but the clouds aren't likely to break. Northeast flow will persist this afternoon and it will continue on the cool side. Temperatures will not rise much from current levels. We may crack 50 but not by much.

The persistence of the northeasterly flow has resulted in a string of sub 60 degree days at Reagan National. High temperatures since Wed:

Wed-- 55
Thurs-- 56
Fri-- 57
Sat-- 59
Sun-- ??

The average high is 65.

Fortunately, this streak is about to end (after today)... Look for details in tomorrow's post.

Lastly, three weeks from tonight, CBS will air the next weather disaster movie. Very few of these are any good--even if they're entertaining. Judging from the preview, this made for TV flick appears to be no exception: Category 6: Day of Destruction

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