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Eruptions...of the meteorological and geological, near and afar

Jason Samenow @ 12:31 AM

Strong thunderstorms may well erupt this afternoon as a potent cold front moves through the area. NOAA's Storm Prediction Center has placed our area under a slight risk of severe storms, with the primary threat being strong, damaging winds. Some hail also cannot be ruled out. Right now, it appears like the best chance of storms will be between 3 and 6pm. These storms will be fast moving, but may pack a punch. Keep your eyes on the radar. Any watches/warnings that are issued can be found here.

(Pictured: The Potomac River as it approached flood stage Thursday near the American Legion Bridge -- a hydrological eruption?. Photo by Kevin Ambrose.)

While the heavens may erupt here today, out West, Mount St. Helen's erupted in the traditional sense yesterday. The Washington Post has more on the situation, as does WxNation's Blog.

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