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Forecast update for today; Marine Corps Marathon outlook

Jason Samenow @ 9:39 AM

The fog is taking its sweet time burning off this morning and, as a result, temperatures will likely not get as warm as forecast. Instead of highs between 75-80, I'd say look for highs between 70-75. Some sun should emerge by noon. Late this afternoon (or early this evening), there's still the chance of a shower -- but more likely north and west of the area.

Tomorrow morning, 20,000 runners and over 100,000 spectators will gather in Arlington for the Marine Corps Marathon, which starts at 8:30am. Skies should be mostly sunny with temperatures about 60 degrees at the starting time, rising to about 65 degrees by 10am, to 70 by noon and maxing out around 72 degrees in the early afternoon. The wind will be a factor. There will be a westerly breeze of about 10-15mph at the race's start, increasing to 15-20mph in the early afternoon with higher gusts.

Tomorrow morning, I'll post an outlook for trick-or-treating.

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