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The future eclipsed, the past mowed over

Jason Samenow @ 12:14 AM

Mother nature gives us the squeeze play today as a shortwave approaches from the west while high pressure builds in from the north. The end result will be a mix of sun and clouds with temperatures a few degrees cooler than yesterday (high of around 64). For tonight's eclipse, I expect considerable high cloudiness but not enough to entirely compromise eclipse viewing. At times the sky may be obscured by clouds, but there are likely to be breaks as well. Keep an eye on the satellite image on the left (reload the page to update) throughout the day to track the clouds. Temperatures will be in the 50s during the eclipse this evening.

Photo courtesy National Weather featured this interesting link from the National Weather Service Forecast in Sterling that provides a comprehensive case study of the "Ivan" tornado outbreak that occurred on Friday, September 17 of this year. A lot of excellent information as well as graphics and photos are available.

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