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Thursday's weather & 10-day outlook

Josh Larson @ 12:00 AM

Thursday's forecast is an easy one, unfortunately: a carbon copy of yesterday. We continue to be under a maritime influence with a northeasterly fetch, so look for continued low clouds and drizzle. Highs once again will be in the mid 50's, with overnight lows dropping into the 40's.

I think it's about time for a slightly longer-range prediction from, so I'm going to let you know my thoughts about the weather through the end of the month for the DC area.

After a thorough evaluation of the most recent long-range model forecast guidance, and what some of the climate oscillations are up to (both AO, NAO, and PNA are strongly negative at the moment) it appears that the remainder of the month will feature a mean trough over the western USA, with a very weak mean ridge, or nearly zonal/"flat" flow over the eastern USA.

What does that mean? Actually a pretty boring weather period, most likely. Expect temperatures at close to normal levels: after Thursday, highs will generally range from 60-70, with lows from 45-55. I expect drier than normal conditions, with few chances for extended, measurable precipitation during the period.

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