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Yesterday's forecast - a raw deal

Jason Samenow @ 12:34 AM

When you give a bad forecast in a blog, there's no where to hide. Scroll down and it stares you right in the face. The guys (and gals) on TV can sweet talk their way out of a bad forecast the next night or not even mention it but a blog keeps you honest. Call Capital Weather a 'no-spin' zone. Or maybe not-- we don't need any of Bill O'Reilly's karma. Seriously, when we make mistakes, we'll fess up...

Speaking of which, yesterday's forecast was for a high in the low 70s and 'warm' conditions. Temperatures hovered in the mid to high 50s all afternoon. The warm front that was supposed to move through the area never quite made it. It stalled just north of a line from Charlottesville, VA (reached 67) to Salisbury, MD (made it to 68). The result was raw northeasterly winds and suppressed temperatures.

Northeast winds will persist today as an area of high pressure builds in to our north. Abundant low level moisture will result in morning drizzle. There may be a bit of drying in the afternoon while the skies remain overcast. Expect highs once again in mid to upper 50s. (We'll see if this forecast is more accurate...)


Yesterday, I posted a link to AccuWeather's winter forecast. They've now published illustrative maps to accompany the forecast.


Did you know that on this day back in 1940, Washington received its earliest first inch of snow on record? 1.5" fell.

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