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It's all about 60/40 + other odds and ends

Jason Samenow @ 8:03 AM

The forecast for the next five days is pretty straight forward. High of 60, low of 40 (within a few degrees on each side), each day (through Saturday) under partly cloudy skies. This is a great stretch of weather for this time of year. Enjoy...

  • We have another DC blog that is linking to us now. See DCSOB Smorgasboard. Edgy, controversial, amusing, sometimes informative, and always interesting, it's worth checking out. For the other blogs we link to and that link to us, see our Recommended Sites page.

  • The gem of a movie that is "Category 6: Day of Destruction" (part II airs tomorrow night at 8pm on CBS) was dissed by The Weather Channel according to the New York Post (thanks to WxNation for this tip-- its blog also provides links to some reviews and other info about the movie). CBS is using this to their advantage calling Cat 6 "the movie The Weather Channel does not want you to see." CBS's promotion efforts and the public's fascination with disaster flicks resulted in top TV ratings for Part I on Sunday night.

  • Did you enter our winter forecast contest? Check out how your forecasts stack up to your competition on the contest entries page.

  • Preview of coming attractions: A new feature about a local weathercaster is about to be posted (sometime today), and a Thanksgiving forecast outlook (tomorrow).

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