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The week ahead...

Jason Samenow @ 1:10 AM

It's looking to be a pretty ordinary week weatherwise. Average highs this time of year are in the low 50s with lows typically in the mid to high 30s. We'll generally be in that ballpark--with a shot of rain midweek. Here's the breakdown:

Today: Under high pressure, expect abundant sunshine and a pretty nice day. Highs in the mid 50s, with lows tonight 35-40.

Tuesday: Increasing cloudiness ahead of the next storm system. Continued mild, with highs in the mid 50s. A warm front and rain move through the area Tuesday night, with lows in the mid 40s.

Wednesday: As a cold front moves through, occasional showers are likely. High temperatures again in the mid 50s.

Thursday: Plenty of sun with temps a shade cooler. Expect highs in the low 50s with temperatures likely in the 40s for the lighting of the National Christmas Tree (more details on that in Thursday's post)

Friday: Cooler air continues trickling in. Skies remain mostly sunny, with highs in the upper 40s.

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You may notice the return of the seven day graphical forecast. Jamie Jones, our web developer, has reprogrammed it to perform better although a bug or two could pop up this first week as we roll it out. The forecast data comes from the National Weather Service. Most of the time, it will be consistent with my descriptions of the forecast in the blog, but I may disagree from time to time and will comment accordingly. (For example, I think the forecast highs are a bit low Mon-Wed).

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Humor: Desperate for news, media thinks of 2,362,045 ways to say "bad weather for holiday travel" (The

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