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Week of 'Destruction'

Jason Samenow @ 1:37 AM

Photo courtesy CBSThe first part of CBS's made for TV movie "Category 6: Day of Destruction" was phenomenal. I learned about weather scenarios they just don't teach in meteorology school. It captured my imagination and offered inspiration for this week's forecast:

Monday: The tempest known as Daniel Snyder rages in Redskins Park, spawning tornadic snowstorm. High 18, Low 10
Impact: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Tuesday: Iraqi sandstorm clashes with Texas Blue Northern at CIA Headquarters in Langley, VA.
Impact: Low visibility, windswept intelligence.

Wednesday: Hurricane forms over Washington Monument, energized by the Mall's reflecting pool.
Impact: Weather Service decides to name storm Ivan.

Thursday: Congress in session.
Impact: Hot Air Warning.

Friday: Hell freezes over.
Impact: No delays, 100% working escalators on metro.

Disclaimer: The actual forecast is for temperatures in the 50s for highs all week, with overnight lows generally in the 30s. Very little chance of rain the entire week.

(Pictured: still photo from movie "Category 6: Day of Destruction", courtesy CBS).

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