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Active weather abounds!

Josh Larson @ 1:28 AM

Curious what caused yesterday's strong winds? It was a great example of a strong pressure gradient forming: two separate atmospheric features clashed with one another - the departing coastal low that brought copious rain to our area, and a cold front (with high pressure behind it) approaching from the west. DCA reported a wind gust of 52 mph! For a listing of notable peak wind gusts across the region, click here.

Much less dramatic weather today, which will be a relief for many. Expect abundant sunshine with a light breeze; highs will be in the low 50s, with lows right around freezing in the city, and the upper 20s in the typically cooler suburbs. Perfect weather for the lighting of the National Christmas Tree, which will take place between 5 and 6pm at The Eclipse near The White House. This article, from the Washington Post, has more information.

As is frequently the case during many Novembers in the area - as the atmosphere is transitioning from a fall pattern to a more wintry one - the weather was widely variable last month for the DC area. (For example: the highest high was 71 on Nov 2 and 3, while the lowest high was 48 on Nov 26; the lowest low was 33 on Nov 14 and 26, while the highest low was 55 on Nov 1.)

At DCA, temperatures for the month averaged 59/43 - some two degrees above normal. The first two-thirds of the month featured just two days of rain, but heavy rain fell on both of those days. The last third of the month featured much more frequent precipitation, though of a much lighter variety. As a result, strikingly, measurable precipitation fell on 11 separate days of the month, but nearly 85% of the month's 4.5" of total rainfall fell during the first those first two rainy days early in the month. The 4.5" we received was some 50% more rainfall than normal.

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