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Christmas Day update...

Jason Samenow @ 10:53 AM

Photo by Kevin AmbroseMerry Christmas. The forecast for this afternoon hasn't changed... a few clouds around and temperatures maxing out near freezing. The forecast for tomorrow (night) has grown increasingly uncertain as a storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico (that brought a White Christmas to Corpus Christi, Texas) turns northeastward and threatens portions of the East Coast.

It looks like SE Virginia and the Delmarva peninsula will likely receive precipitation from this storm (snow on north and west side and rain/mix to the south and east). Right now, I would say it is unlikely the snow will spread as far west as the DC metropolitan area, but it cannot be ruled out (looking at the latest information, I would say there is a 30% chance it will happen). If any snow does fall, it would likely fall overnight Sunday.

I will continue carefully watching the radar, satellite and model trends and will reassess this situation in another 12 hours.

Have a wonderful holiday.

Pictured: The moon shines brightly through high-level clouds on Christmas Eve. By photographer Kevin Ambrose.

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