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A tale of three Bills (Bill, Bill, Bill...)

Jason Samenow @ 1:02 AM

Bill Kamal: The Washington Times reports former WUSA weatherman Kamal will get five years in jail after his lawyer reached a plea bargain with the prosecution. The recommended sentence is 30 years for Kamal's offense, but his lawyers were able to negotiate a lighter sentence. For a more in-depth account, see this Miami Herald article (requires registration) [Thanks to Jimmy Chaplin of for link]

Bill Gray: Hurricane expert Dr. Gray says next fall's hurricane season (2005) will be another active one. In this AP article (seen on WxNation's blog), Gray says "We believe that 2005 will continue the trend of enhanced major hurricane activity in the Atlantic basin that we have seen over the past 10 years." Gray is calling for 11 named storms, with six reaching hurricane status (3 of which will be major).

Bill Nye (the science guy):
The Washington Post profiled this science guru and his new Science Channel series on Sunday. Thanks to for the tip.

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