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The week ahead...

Jason Samenow @ 2:35 AM

I'm going to make this short and sweet tonight -- as I've just arrived in San Francisco (where I'll be blogging from while I attend a conference this week). Bottom line is that we will finally get a taste of winter -- but no measurable snow. Here's the breakdown...

Today: Partly cloudy and windy. I'd even say blustery. Highs in the mid 40s. Geminid meteor shower viewing should be pretty good tonight, as skies should become mostly clear. Bundle up though, with lows 25 (suburbs)-30 (downtown).

Tuesday: COLD. For the first time this fall/winter, the high may not exceed 40.

Wednesday: A cold morning, and a chilly afternoon. Temps begin the day 20-25, and max out around 40 again.

Thursday and Friday: Temperatures moderate into the mid to upper 40s for highs.

Still no sign of measurable snow...although we'll watch a little system that could affect the region next Sunday. That's a long way away, and I'm not bullish about it being a significant storm at this point.

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