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Afternoon update: Winter storm warning issued

Jason Samenow @ 3:59 PM

This update will be brief. As noted in the comments (thanks to those of you who post info) by our visitors, the National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a Winter Storm Warning which means a significant winter storm is inevitable.

The NWS is calling for 4-8" with sleet mixing which is in line with my forecast posted last night. I think totals of 6-8" (and even a bit more in a few areas) may be more likely than 4-6"...but the range applies. If there is significant sleet, then amounts would certainly be at the lower end. In terms of the timing and evolution, what I outlined in the previous post applies.

By the way, the bullseye for this storm appears to be from Philly to Boston. Blizzard conditions (blizzard warning in effect for New York City) may well develop in Southern New England, with snowfall amounts of 10-20" common widespread with very strong winds and frigid temperatures. Avoid travel along I-95 from DC northward Saturday and into Sunday (from NYC northward).

I will have full update late tonight, so if you're up at 1am, check the site. Otherwise, it will be there first thing when you get up in the morning.

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