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Age bias at TWC?

Andrew Freedman @ 1:45 PM

The New York Post reports today that Marny Stanier Midkiff, 42, has filed an age discrimination lawsuit alleging that she was let go from The Weather Channel because the station wanted to bring in younger broadcasters. Stanier was a mainstay at TWC, having broadcast there for 16 years and rising through the ranks to serve as a manager of on-air talent. She claims that new hires such as Alexandra Steele and Nicole Mitchell demonstrate the station's new emphasis on bringing in younger broadcasters to attract viewers.

This just proves once again how tough the TV broadcast business is.

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  • Just to add in some more info, here is a link [] to the "Channel's" current stable of on-camera talent. Wouldn't exactly call it Desperate Housewives, but hey, Jim Cantore is kinda ... nevermind. -- Jamie

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