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Here comes the snow...

Jason Samenow @ 5:42 PM

radarPrecipitation is starting to break out from west to east across the area and should be falling across the metro area by 7pm or so. The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory for the entire area and expects 1-2" of snow and sleet.

My forecast for 2-3" of snow (and sleet) holds for the greater Washington, DC area. Sleet looks like it could be a bigger factor than I anticipated earlier, but overall precipitation amounts also look a bit heavier -- compensating for whatever the sleet does to hold down accumulations. Essentially, the time frame, accumulation map and snowfall probabilities that I laid out in my post from late last night (or early this morning) have not changed.

Please post your weather reports (including where you are) using the comments link in this post. I will likely do a late evening update after midnight.

Radar image, taken at 5:40pm courtesy WUSA (Channel 9).

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