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More warmth, and movie chatter

Jason Samenow @ 1:48 AM

Yesterday highs reached the mid 60s across the area (Reagan National 64, BWI and Dulles 65) -- a few degrees shy of the records for the date. Temperatures fell little yesterday evening, and with the humidity, it felt almost like summer (that's a recurring theme this winter).

Temperatures will remain unseasonably mild today. When you get up and head out, it will be cloudy and in the 50s, but the sun should peak out in the afternoon. Highs again should reach the mid 60s. (We won't threaten the record high of 73 at Reagan National)

Tomorrow, it should cool off a bit, with morning rain a good bet.

With this weather this benign and uneventful, I'll go a bit off-topic...

We're fans of movies at, especially those with a weather theme. Some notable weather flicks that come to mind include Twister, The Perfect Storm, Groundhog Day and The Day After Tomorrow. This spring, another one will hit theaters, The Weatherman, starring Nicholas Cage. Having watched the trailer, I can't say I'm all that enthusiastic. Not a whole lot happens in the 2-minute preview and the attempts at humor are underwhelming. I hope the actual film is more entertaining, or it will sell better as a remedy for insomnia than it will at the box office... (I'll volunteer that the the best film I saw in 2004 was Sideways, and the worst may have been Ocean's 12, closely followed by The Day After Tomorrow).

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