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A Rainy Friday Night

Dan Stillman @ 1:30 AM

So much for low temperatures and high energy costs. (Doesn't it seem like forecasters and economists sound a similar warning every winter?) While temperatures will only be somewhat above normal today and tomorrow, April-like readings look to make a comeback next week.

Today could be the coolest we see for awhile, with highs reaching the upper 40s under increasingly cloudy skies.

Rain moves in this evening, but should hold off at least until after rush hour. Some areas, especially north of the city, could be looking at a real soaking, with more than half an inch of precipitation possible overnight.

The wet stuff moves out by mid-morning tomorrow, but clouds will probably linger for much of the day. Temperatures should recover to near 50 during the afternoon.

Sunday will definitely be the best of the two weekend days, with sunny skies and highs in the lower 50s.

Still don't see the first freeze of 2005 coming anytime soon for downtown Washington ... lows tonight and tomorrow night will bottom out only in the mid-30s. The suburbs, however, could flirt with the freezing mark tomorrow night.

A brief note about yesterday's temperatures ...

The two images below tell the story. At left is the surface map from yesterday afternoon. It shows a warm front just to our south. To the right is a map showing temperatures at about the same time (the top left number at each station is the temperature). While temperatures in our area, north of the front, hovered in the low 40s, southern Virginia saw the mercury rise into the low 70s.

And finally -- on a personal note -- I'm thrilled to be joining the CapitalWeather team.

Images: Courtesy Unisys

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