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Recap of yesterday's snow

Jason Samenow @ 1:00 AM

Snow falling in downton DCI launched this blog on February 2, 2004. Since then, amazingly, National Airport (DCA) has yet to record 1" of snow from a single storm and that includes yesterday's "event." Surprisingly, the official total at DCA was just 0.8". Most areas, however, picked up at least an inch (average snowfall was just under 2"), with some isolated three inch amounts. Overall, CapitalWeather's forecast of an "1 inch or so" was a bit conservative (although spot on if you go by the airports), but in the ballpark (and better than the "dusting to 1 inch" forecast from one of the local TV stations).

Here is a sampling of totals reported to the National Weather Service (click link for full list):
Reagan National Airport, VA: 0.8"
Dulles Airport, VA: 1.1"
Baltimore Washington International Airport, MD: 1.0"
NW Washington, DC: 2"
Annapolis, MD: 3"
Bowie, MD: 3"
Germantown, MD: 1.8"
East Falls Church, VA: 2"
Arlington, VA: 2"
Fairfax, VA: 1.5"
Vienna, VA: 1"
Sterling, VA: 1.4"
Snow measurement in NW Washington, DC
A big thank you to everyone who reported in using the comments. We had over 50 comments...easily a record for Here are some of the totals you all provided:

Steve, Potomac, MD: 2"
CKM, N. Arlington, VA: 2"
Matt, NW Washington: 1.5"
JTF, Bowie, MD: 3"
Debbie, Reston, VA: 1.5"
Jonathan, Fredericksburg, VA: 1-1.5"

Finally, some news accounts of yesterday's storm:
The Icing on the Cake for Harried Commuters (Washington Post)
First Snowstorm Stalls the Region (Washington Post)

Thanks again to all for visiting CapitalWeather. Over 1200 unique visitors stopped by yesterday -- a record. Keep coming back for the best local weather coverage on the net.

Downtown Washington Photos (Farragut North area) by Matt Ross, contributor

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